A small suggestion

.. and we’re here! It always feels strange to have breakfast with the kidd and then go to bed on the other side of the globe on the same day. The soul gets a bit left behind but that’s why meditation is so important. I got a bit of advice from somebody who also stays at hotels a lot and the first thing he does when he checks in is to choose the place where he’ll be meditating. We are staying at Four Seasons here in San Francisco and my lounge has huge windows so my place for meditation is going to be by the window on a cushion so I can look at the view.

This time I’m travelling with Sascha, Mikaela (instead of Emelie) and then my PR manager is meeting us in NYC. I have a press-day on Thursday. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, first exercise and getting ready. Then meeting my retailer, Sephora and an interview with Di Digitals correspondent in Silicon Valley. Nordic Tech House were there for a visit last week!

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