Next up: San Francisco

The kids and I had such a cozy Saturday yeaterday. I didn’t work at all and just spent time with the kids. We visited my mum, had dinner in the city and enjoyed a cozy s
Saturday with everything we love eating in front of the Minions. Everyone woke up early today, in my case it was because of my travel nerves (happens every time!). When I need to prepare for a long haul flight, I always do my skincare routine the day before. I used our Overnight Hair Mask and used extra facial exfoliant which can stay on your face overnight before a proper peel.

After this morning’s shower I used cocnut cream on my body and then a moisturising mask from Belif while we had breakfast. The air is so dry during a flight so I need to moisturize my skin beforehand. I ALWAYS use our facial mist during the flight too. I can’t live without it. They’re selling it on all SAS flights (even long hauls) which is perfect if you forget.

The kids and I enjoyed a long breakfast without stress this morning. I LOVE my comfy clothes from Andiata. I’ve been living in them all weekend. They’re still white after eating a lot of berries and dark chocolate. After flying in light coloured clothes I’ve become a bit of an expert in avoiding spillage. It must be one of my super powers hehehe…

I introduced the kids to Nicke and Nilla a few days ago and they’re completely hooked. We watched a few episodes towards the end of breakfast and oh my god the kids laughed so much. Lovisa took over from me around nine and I got ready to be picked up for my trip to Arlanda. I’m there with my team now and we’re getting ready to board the flight. I had mixed feelings as always but that’s the way it is.
It’s been a really good week in many ways. We have a new fantastic ched at home, we’ve reached the goal to fly privately when there isn’t enough time, I’ve been in Oslo, had a fun afternoon at the Technological Museum with the kids, dinner with my best friend and all the kids, two exercise sessions with my PT, launched Löwengrip at Stockmann in Finland, met amazing followers, gave good interviews in Finland, and now we’re off to San Francisco – another baby step for Löwengrip. I really can’t wait. I havent really had time to read this week and I normally go through two books per week. This is one of the books I got the other day:

…I normally don’t like detective novels/thrillers because my brain can’t keep up with it and I lose interest but this sounded interesting so I’m giving it a go. What are you reading right now

I’ll talk to you later…:-)

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