Taco Friday

It was so nice coming home to the kids yesterday. I always look forward to Friday because it means I can come home, take off my make up, put on a kashmir-outfit and just enjoy the Friday. We ate tacos at home yesterday. Our new chef Anna has been working here since Monday and every single dish has been an expereince to eat. Sally told her the other day that ”it’s the best food she’s ever had”. SO cute. I’m mostly happy that Gillis has been eating like a wolf all week, he’s been picky (he became a full time vegetarian at 3,5 years old and has never changed his mind). All three of us are but everyone has different food preferences to satisfy. I support everyone’s choices and I think it’s important to east what you like an explore what you like.

Sally loves meat (she’d rather have truffle salami with all meals, and tonight she’s going to buy it) so she’s been eating classic Wallenbergs this week, Gillis has been eating halloumi stews and I’ve been eating beets, green cabbage and quinoa salad and then this dish yesterday:

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Tofy tacos with red cabbage and guacamole! I prefer salad around it. I skip white bread, pasta and sugar. I love eating clean and anti-inflammatory food which gives me nutrition and glow. I’ve been living like this for two years and I’d never go back to wine, meat, bread and potato life. I have a different kind of energy, nothing itches in the same way and my skin is shining as well as my hair.

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We had delicious rawballs for desert and shared a dark chocolate bar. My kids are used to 70% so they prefer it.

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I fell asleep sitting up when I tucked in the kids and we listened to Karlsson. I went to bed around nine and called Pingis for our usual checking. I fell asleep at 10 after some meditation. My brain needed to go through the day, I’m living a special kind of life where I meet people who have been following me for a long time. It’s a mixed of gratitude and feeling guilty for not giving back enough. >Ike the girl who had flown from Estonia. I want her to feel that she got enough time. I always feel like I’m not enough at events. But at the same time I can’t do more than what I’m doing to keep up my pace. If I quicken the past at a meet and greet it leads to agoraphobia. It’s a tricky balance.

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Everyone woke up at 6AM and then we stayed in bed for ages before it was time for breakfast. Sometimes when I look at Gillis I get a shock when I realize he’s getting so big. He’s starting school after summer! Gillis is my opposite in so many ways. Always calm and thinks a lot, he’s sensitive and cares about everyone all the time. I’ve never had to tell him off. He’s so clever and kind. This morning he started eating breakfast at 8AM and was done at half past nine. Sally ran away after 20 minutes but Gillis and I stayed for a while. I love calm and big weekend breakfasts where you can eat in different rounds and when the clock was 9.20 my body was itching and thought about the hard bread my kids chewed very carefully 🙂

Now we’re going to enjoy our Saturrday!

  1. Mona skriver:

    Hei! Veldig fint soverom:) Hvor er barnesengen fra?

  2. Egery skriver:

    I was THE girl from Estonia and it was SO lovely to meet you, even if just for a couple of minutes. ❤️
    The best day! 💗
    (Ofcourse it would be a dream that there would have been more time 💗)

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