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I’m preparing for my trip to the USA. I always read during my flights otherwise I don’t have time to. As you know, Readly is one of my favourite apps for reading. For those of you who don’t know, Readly is a digital library for magazines and all my favourites are there.

I read very quickly and different things at the same time. That’s why I like Readly, it allows me to switch between different magazines really easily.

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I really value my time to read and I think everyone should read more. It’s really awesome to get different insights. I read an interesting article in Women’s Health about how you can boost the brain with different types of food. I love geeking out about food.

How cool is it that can easily be in charge of our health by eating the right food? Another Readly suggestion is the magazine Modern Psychology and an article about Yoga for the brain. They talk about how regular yoga has a positive effect on everything, physically and mentally and especially about how it lowers the stress levels. You should read it if you feel particularly stressed.

Reading magazines on my phone means I can read when I’m on my way somewhere and be updated. When I have a few hours on a flight I use the time to read and be inspired.
I love that Readly have a lot of international magazines because it makes it easier for me to get new insights and learn new things about what’s happening in the country I’m visiting. I’m going to read American Forbes on the flight. As you know, I have the Kylie Jennings cover of Forbes, framed at the office. One day you’ll hopefully see me on the cover.



Here are some of my favourites that I’ll be reading on the plane. I really think you should try Readly for a month for only 9 kronor. You’ll be as hooked as I am. I’d love to hear your suggestions about what Magazines I should find on Readly next!

In collaboration with Ready

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