My day in Finland

Oh, what a fun day at our beloved neighbor! First the launch of Löwengrip at Stockmann, amazing how many people that chose to come. I was so moved. People had flown in from different parts of Finland to say hi, and one reader flew in from Estonia. There were many hugs, tears, and I got the offer to hold a baby in a picture. Who says no to some baby cuddles during working hours?

Löwengrip is now available at Stockmann!

Afterwards I had an event at my partner Andiata, where Löwengrip is also being sold. Later three interviews were scheduled: Finnish Elle, Gloria, and Trendi. Full speed, but very fun.

Matilda, in the middle, is the second generation to run Andiata. It’s so inspiring to listen to family businesses. I hope that one of my children will step in and run the company one day.

Andiata’s color palette is lovely…

Coat Andiata

Again, a major thank you to everyone who showed up to support the launch of Löwengrip at Stockmann. This is a big goal that’s been reached. Now I’m flying home, it’s always magical to land at the same time as you took off. When I come home it’s time for tofu tacos with the kids. Cozy!

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