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I am, and always have been, a person who likes to solve things. When my team gave me the heads up for that my work days in other cities are starting to become more frequent than the ones that are scheduled for my weeks without the kids (we’re fully booked, which is very flattering of course) – I said that we can continue, but my team has to make sure that I can leave and pick up the children from preschool as usual. Where I spend my day is up to them to decide. And that’s what happened. Today I’ll be on stage in Oslo and tomorrow Löwengrip is being launched at Stockmann in Helsinki. And I will be back in time for preschool thanks to the private jet.

I can of course get help with picking the kids up or declining a job offer, but I don’t want to. I made a promise to myself that I’m going to be a mom at the same time as the company is going global. Then you have to find solution like this, it’s a way for me to make my life work.

I understand that people will be upset, not many 28 year old women with young children book their own planes to be able to pick up the kids at preschool, but on the other hand, when have I ever done what the majority does? On the contrary, I’m proud that I have made sure I have the finances to make this possible, and at the same it’ll lead to the companies growth. Also, the kids won’t even notice that I’ve been in a different country… 🙂

  1. Wow! Isabella! This is major. You are so inspiring and beautiful. And its also refreshing to see a bold lifestyle in the Scandinavian country where everyone wants to be modest. Keep on doing and inspiring. <3

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