Mental uphill

I woke up feeling like today was going to be a real mental uphill. Lack of sleep, rainy weather, and an unbalanced body due to (probably) hormonal changes. During the years I have become somewhat of a pro at dealing with days like this, but sometimes that also means accepting that things aren’t feeling good without trying to understand why. But I’m a rational person and like to follow a plan, that’s why I decided to lower my demands and go with the flow. Let the day just be, see it as a stepping-stone to another day, and try to find the light in everything.

When I entered the gym it was actually extremely hard. In the beginning I just wanted to throw in the towel and go home and sleep. But since I know that’s not possible I could only trust that exercising would make me happy.

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… And it did! I did 60 kg in deadlifts and military press on 27 kg. A great feeling to accomplish that. When I was done with my workout it was like I had an injection of happiness- Hooray! Now I’m off to two meetings and then I’m actually picking up the kids early. One of the children weren’t invited to a party this afternoon (not the best when you invite people so the kids can hear and everyone’s not welcome), so one of my children has been sad today. I chose to cancel my last meeting and the three of us are going to do something fun instead. After that we’re going to dinner at Sheila and Rasmus’ new apartment, so this Wednesday will turn out well for all of us anyway!

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