Fantastic clothes, playtime and dinner with my BFF

Today went by quickly, one of the highlights at the office was when we had a visit from Elin and Irina from Stylein visited and showed off my collection they’ve been working on with Sascha, and exclusively with Ellos. The idea is to sell my favourite clothes for a budget price. It’s a lot of fun but difficult to figure how to price the items so it can reach a wide audience. It means we can’t work with certain fabrics so we have to mix it up and be creative. You can see some of the clothes on my instastory and I’m sold on them. Stylein have done a great job. Ellos will be selling them after the summer.

…Do you see all the beautiful clothes!

I left the office around 2PM and picked up two kids at nursery. Then we went to…

The technological museum!

As you can see we had the whole place to ourselves. The perks of getting away in the middle of a weekday.

We’ve been playing, had snacks and then played some more 🙂

Around half past five we went to Sheila’s place in Vasatan for dinner. It was so cozy to hang out with both families. The kids and I went home around 8 and then it was time to put on pyjamas, brushing teeth and then bedtime. It turned into a good Wednesday after all!

I’m going to shower, make a cup of tea and go through tomorrow’s stage conversation in Oslo.

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