Full speed on a Monday

This Monday has gone so quickly. I haven’t had time to update the blog until now. I only have 3 office days this week so a lot has to get done. It’s also my week with the kids so things have to be done before 3.30PM and then I’ll catch up with things after bedtime. Today started with a new benchpress record, 41kilos is my new personal best. It’s ao much fun to ”own it” like my personal trainer Pontus usually says. It’s encouraging.

I’ve had a lot of fun meetinfs with LVMH Luxury Ventures, Condé Nast and a conversation with Carnegie regarding a quotation for Löwengrip Invest. I’ve also had a meeting with my security team regarding upcoming events where I’ll be needing a bit more support. I always have someone with me during advertised events like the meet & greet in Finland.

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

Watch from Cartier ”Panthere” (I’m so in love with it), knot ring from Engelbert and smooth rings from AP Shaps. I prefer wearing less jewellery but diamonds…who can blame me. The colour on my nails have become ”my colour”. I can’t stop using it.

Processed with VSCO with dog1 preset

…anyway, it was a full on Monday and I love it . I had lunch during a meeting at the office. I usually ask our office manager to order Mido salmon from Dr Mat for me. Miso salmon, black rice, fermented vegetables, algae salad, soybeans and wasabi cream. The world’s best glow food for your skin. You can see one of our brands on the photo which makes me so proud. kavaj from Stylein and a bag from Hermine Hold. Hermine Hold has been a success from day 1 and our first turn around goal this year is 30 million kronor. It’s aggressive but I”m convinced we can do it!scrunchies and all hair clips will arrive soon!

We’re about to have our first dinner cooked by our new chef Anna, very exciting! Then, Lovisa is going to show the kids their new star system. I’ve been looking forward to it. I’ll talk to you after I’ve tucked the kids to bed.

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