A starsystem

This is what this week’s menu looks like:

It’s exciting to see how quickly you get used to every day services at home. It’s become part of our life to have someone help with food. It doesn’t feel weird but completely normal. It’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It’s wonderful to come home with the kids and have dinner served after work and nursery.

My quinoa and green cabbage salad was divine. The kids had two kinds of cannelloni’s to choose from. One with just cheese and one with tomato sauce. Lovisa, who sits opposites me, lives with us. She became a part of the family immediately. I’m always comfortable with her even when I don’t have the kids. You can even see me writing ”if we have”…. 🙂

After dinner we showed the kids our new starsystem. It’s so important to me that they learn to set goals to reach, and figure out how to get there alone and feel like you made it. Every chore/task gives you a different star. Each week you set a goal to be motivated. This week’s goal is to visit Skansen, if you reach that on Friday it’ll be part of the weekend. This week’s goal is a mutual goal so they have to work together. The kids got really happy and excited. It’s fun! Some parents are of the opinion that some things just have to be done – just because. I’m not like that. In fact, I’m the opposite. Everything can be used to motivate and build a feeling of being able to dream and for dreams to become reality. I think that’s very important.

After the stars Gillis played with his new ninjas from China. Apparently they can change faces, very popular. I tucked the kids into bed around half past 7 in my bed (I love having them close), we read books and then they fell asleep around 8. I stayed for a while and caught up with my emails and I’ve moved to the office now. It’s become my favourite part of the house.

  1. Maria skriver:

    Hey.. I just want to let you know that you inspired me to completely change my diet. I am now mainly eating vegetarian and I have skipped alcohol. Coming from a traditional home where meat is the super star of every meal, I never considered this as an option. But I love it! I am feeling good, happy, confident and healthy.
    All the best, Maria

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