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Sally was so happy about the dresses from China, she’s been showing me her hand movements which is really cute:

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Lots of hands in the air, some feminine gestures. We also talked about who she wanted to invite to her four-year birthday party in April. She said ”I want to carry everyone who’s coming.” and when I asked ”what’s the purpose of that?” she said ”I want to feel like I’m the strongest at the party, mommy. It’s the best way.”

Oh my god, I laughed so much.

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Gillis gets here tomorrow (Sally wanted to come home a day earlier). We had a bath and did some drawing. She loves the craft corner in their play room. We made dinner around five o’clock. Our new chef starts tomorrow so we made dinner ourselves today. We cooked dinner together. I want them to think opening the fridge is fun, to see what’s there and try different things, so today we tried different cheeses and the favourite, as usual, was halloumi (you just don’t tire of it, and it’s delicious fried). When we have a chef at home, our interest in food grows. There’s always new combinations and different ingredients to try.

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Sally and I had some evening snacks (frozen mango, banana slices, peanut butter and sea salt) and then after bedtime it was time for…

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…Work and I’m still here. This week, I have work in Oslo, Helsinki (I have a meet & greet at Löwengrip’s department at Stockmann between 11.30 — 12.30 on Friday!) and on Sunday I@m off to San Francisco (we’re finally meeting Sephora at their head office – really important for Löwengrip). My private flights are necessary this week because it means I have time to pick up the kids at nursery.

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