Dinner at Asian Post Office

Wonderful Sunday. I actually love all days, they each have their charm but an unplanned Sunday is wonderful. I got up at 8AM, meditated for 50 minutes (!) and then I ate breakfast. If someone told me I’d be able to meditate for that long a year ago, I wouldn’t believe it. I used the app Headspace at the beginning and really struggled with 3 minutes meditation. Sometimes I could only do 1 minute. I don’t really know what happened but suddenly I didn’t want any guidance. It was almost like learning to cycle with support wheels and suddenly you could just do it yourself.

Meditation is an important base to my life. Especially as I keep running ahead in work, it’s important to find time to collect and find myself. It makes me get in touch with my intuition and that’s everything for me.

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Anyway. Now for something completely different and that is sour drinks with Thai basil and coconut cream. Yum. Alcohol free foe me. Yesterday, Isolina, Michaela, Sheila, Claire (Sheila’s sister) and myself had dinner at Asian Post Office. Their green drink has become part of the restaurant’s image and it’s understandable because it’s so delicious. The food also got 5/5 stars. We had popcorn shrimp, popcorn cauliflower (with a hot sweet and sour mayo). Squid (love it), oysters, dumplings and rice cakes (almost my favourite) with papaya salad. If you’re visiting Stockholm I highly recommend this place.

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…Taking pictures is always a good review of the restaurant 🙂 I wore a gorgeous dress from Sandro. I’ll take a better picture of it some other time. Something my friends and I always do, is to go around the table and talk about our goals. My goals are to keep a sustainable base for my lifestyle and not change it. It sounds simple but it’s so important. I need to be kind to myself, sleep, eat, exercise and meditate.

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I’m always back home around midnight despite weekends and dinners because that means I get at least 7 hours sleep if I fall asleep at 1AM. I used to get 5-6 hours sleep per night for many years but I’ve changed that (a recommendation from my therapist) since my career took off and I started travelling more. I need more time to recover so sleep is important.

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I’ve spent the morning here with work and will be working for another few hours. And then the kids get here! <3

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