Being met by a wow-feeling

In collaboration with Fogia 

One of the most important rooms in the house is the lounge. It’s the space you see first when you come in and I want you to get a total wow-feeling. I searched for designer furniture for a long time with a certain look and exclusivity about it that matched the rest of those. Fogia felt like an obvious chose for that style, their team helped us design furniture with a classic but exclusive design. All their furniture are made by hand in their own factories and are created after the customer’s needs. Fogia helped me find material, fabric and different varieties of leather. 

The sofa table next to my favourite armchair. You can find the armchair here

I want a cozy surface in front of the fire place and the big windows where i can sit and read. It was also important to have seating spaces for lots of guests as the same time. We chose to mix armchairs, sofas and cushions for a variety of seats. The sofa I completely fell in love it! ! It’s so clever and you assemble it the way you want to. 

Lounge 2
Here’s the  cushion and the armchairs

The ceiling i 6 meter high so we had to custom order curtain. Mine are from MyWindow, and it’s a fantastic service. They came over to measure the lengths and set everything up. Because we film a lot in the house it’s important to have curtains because of the acoustic.  

Lounge 3
Fogia Market are in Finnboda and the shop has 1200 square meter with exclusive interior design. It’s absolutely worth a visit!  

In collaboration with Fogia

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