The root to happiness: gratitude

Good morning. I woke up thinking I should write a Sundaylist but realized it was Saturday. Lovely! When I was in bed I went through my list of things I’m grateful for. Having set routines every day is one of them and the most important. Having things to be grateful for every day is the most efficient way to keep a positive outlook on things. Even when your PMS is at its worst, using exercises for gratitude (and one or two premalex) is what gets me through.

All sorts of thing happen in the body when you find time to feel gratitude. You get a new perspective, you focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. That creates a feeling of being humble towards everything you have and that creates a happier attitude to life. That’s my recipe for having energy and running at a quick pace like I do.

Imagine if it was the other way around:

If I instead kept thinkikg about things I was unhappy about and things I don’t have. That makes the brain miss all the good things I have and what I’m happy about. It would create a feeling of displeasure and negativity. If you’re always unhappy you’ll end up in a terrible negativity spiral. The brain will keep looking for things that make you unhappy. It makes it difficult to be happy for others because you keep comparing yourself to them and then you miss all sorts of opportunities around you.

If that’s been going on for years you’re probably used to criticising everything. A person like that will stand in frontof the mirror and criticise themselves for being ugly or not enough. Change feels impossible. The brain feels tired and the thought of making an action list (reach your ideal weight, eat healthily, do things for you) feels difficult. It makes it easier to leave it for another time.

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Negative thoughts are destructive. They start a downward spiral which is difficult to break (sometimes you don’t even know that you’re in it). But the good thing about the brain is that it’s easy to manipulate, you can decide enough is enough and slowly but surely it will push away the bad thoughts and things will get brighter. The quickest way to live a positive life is this: gratitude. To have something to be grateful for every single day will change your life

I’ll remind you of the equatorial again:

Thoughts of gratitudr lead to getting a better perspective of life. Everyone needs to zoom out and make sure their life is full. That gives you space to think. Thoughts about things you don’t have (that creates a feeling of sadness and not being enough) won’t take much space anymore. You’re in control of your emotions and feeling positive over the things that make you happy. Feeling happy gives you more energy to enjoy life. You have more energy. You can sit by the kitchen table and write that action plan of 10 things you want to change to make yourself happier. And you’ll be brave enough to do it. And voila – you’re in a positive spiral! All because of a small thing like gratitude 🙂

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