Investing in a person

I’ve had an intense 24 hours in France. A lot of fun things are happening but you’ll find out more in the future. I’ve had a growing thought in my head that I can’t stop thinking about. What do you think about listing Löwengrip Invest on the stock exchange? I get so many questions about investing in me as a person and everything I come up with. If my own company was listed that means you’re indirectly buying shares in my other brands. The way I see it, it can be an exciting way for people to follow me on my journey. I might not always succeed with what I do but if I’m confident I think I’ll build a number of large companies during my lifetime. As you know, my goal is to become the most powerful woman on the planet and I’ve only just started my journey there. It would be fun to give everyone who believes in me the opportunity to follow me every day throughout the years as share-owners.

It might be totally crazy. I don’t know.

What do you think?

I’ve just landed and now it’s weekend. Isn’t my skirt Max Mara beautiful!

  1. Kbo skriver:

    Its strange how the universe works… I was just looking to invest a sizeable amount in shares in Lowengrip Invest, thinking your company might be listed – and this popped up when I googled “lowengrip invest shares”. Go for it!

  2. Sanna skriver:

    ”Jag är inte aningslös”. Några veckor senare: lägger ut bild från flygplansresa samma dag som tusentals människor världen om klimatstrejkar. Åk du på dina affärsresor om du måste men väldigt osmakligt att lägga ut bilder, speciellt en dag som denna. Vad anser du om det själv? Skulle vara så intressant att ta del av.

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