A room for play and creativity

In partnership with Jollyroom

The children’s playroom is finished now as well. I wanted them to have a room where they can be creative and have fun together. I’ve been reading to my kids since they were born so books are an important part of their playroom, we really love our reading sessions together.


You can find the cute grey chair here.


Both Sally and Gillis likes to play with the parking garage.

Their desk corner is so nice. Imagine, this may be where their first business idea will emerge.. 🙂 Both Sally and Gillis also like to craft. They can sit and cut, paste, and paint for hours, so it was about time they got some space to create. The kids will probably think it’s very grown-up to have their own office chairs, these are from Jollyroom. The children will start school soon and it’ll be fun to see what subjects they will be interested in. We have already started to practice on the alphabet and numbers, so these pictures are perfect.


The room feels playful and fun! It’s most important that the kids like to spend time there. One detail that is highly appreciated by mostly Ida and Lovisa is all the storage. Great to hide everything! Sure, it may not be sorted in all the baskets but it’ll look clean and organized quickly. The storage boxes are also from Jollyroom.


The children hasn’t seen the result yet. It’ll be so fun to watch their reaction later!

In partnership with Jollyroom

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    isabella, where is this beautiful white dollhouse from?

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