The kids TV-room

Home sweet home. I can understand that some of you might think it’s strange to put so much time and money on a home when I’m away travelling a lot but I don’t think it’s strange at all. I’ll be travelling for a while ahead. If I can guess my future, I’ll be living in Sthlm/NYC and then the summerhouse in France so when I am home it needs to be a place I am in love with. And I really am in love with my house. One of my favourite rooms is the kids’ TV-room. It’s so cozy in there.

These sofas are a dream to sit on. They followed me from the old house.(from Bohem adlink). On weekends (when we have more time for TV, not so much on the week days), all of three of us hand out on the sofa in front of Netflix with something delicious to eat.

I’m just about to finish working and then I’m having an early night. I have an early morning flight to France tomorrow. A day of work and meeting in Cannes and then home. It’s almost time for my week with the kids, it’s been tough to be away from them but I’ve made the best of the situation. I’m so grateful to have the best of two worlds, my family world and a different world where I get to build companies around the world. I don’t feel guilty when I’m working because the kids are with their dad and when it’s my week I pick them up at 3.30 PM and I put away my phone until bedtime and I don’t feel guilty towards my colleagues.
It’s like I’ve solved the puzzle 🙂

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