Pool sketches, pool house, outdoor shower and gym

One thing that you forget as a house owner is that your life completetly changes during spring and summer. It’s like you get a home twice the size. I have some great memories from my last house with our green garden. The kids and I spent two summers there in our new family constellation. We ate all of our meals outside and played a lot. Sally got a cute little white play house with a slide when she turned three, it was very popular.

It won’t be the same going through the bushes to the neighbors in our new house. Instead we get to invite them over for a pool party. The kids are looking forward to that. We’ll also have a new guest house so plenty of people can spend the night!


Here’s a sketch of my lot and everything that’s being built


It’s going to be amazing – I love the outdoor shower! Very convenient when you have kids.

My home still gives me a rush of happiness. I can’t help but compare it to when I lived with two other people (illegal I guess) in a student apartment on Lappkärrsberget and we found silver fishes in our kitchen drawer. Yuck. It took me many years before I stopped looking for something to move everytime I opened a drawer after that.

I love that life is never at a standstill. New dreams that are emerging, one after another. The next house will be a summer house on the French riviera. My goal is to make it happen before next summer. First my goal was to have it within 3 years, but then I wanted to challenge myself and see if I can make it in half the time instead. So now that’s the plan, I love when there’s a bit of a hurry… 🙂

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