Many meetings, pee breaks and USA next Sunday

I’ve been in internal meetings since mid-morning. The board and organization has been on the agenda. It’s not the most enjoyable part of my job. I’ve learned to be patient though. I’m usually standing up during the meetings and take a lot of pee-breaks and ”fetch chewing gum”. Today’s highlight was my product meeting with Hannah. We’ve had a weekly product meeting every tuesday for nearly six years. There’s a lot of fun things launching with Löwengrip in May. One of the products is a volume, texture and shine-spray for the lengths called Bounce Back. All in one. It’s the product Emelie uses the most in my hair to give my hair a lovely flow (and it’s a good supplement to the All Time High volume spray for the scalp).

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I had lunch and coffee at my desk. Now I’m about to go through the itinerary for next week’s trip to the USA (I’m off Sunday evening). Meeting with Sephora head office in San Francisco and then a few days in NYC with our retailer and my PR manager. Fun! After the meeting I’m having dinner with my amazing sales manager Charlotte. We don’t usually get a lot of time together but we will now 🙂

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