Gabrielle is missing a face, help needed!

Yesterday I talked about things about the business that are rubbing me the wrong way. Another challenge we have is the face of Gabrielle Löwengrip. I’ve struggled to get her right, using both an agency here in Sweden, but also one in the US. That was a mistake. A large amount of money wasted on a company that are experts at designing 3D monsters. I should’ve known that making perfect eyebrows and beautiful hair wasn’t going to be their strongest side, hehe. But you learn from your mistakes. Here are some pictures of robot influencers that are popular right now and that have millions of followers from all around the world. It hasn’t really taken off in Sweden yet.


The girl above is the world’s first digital super model and is doing campaigns for brands like Balmain, etc. Her name is shudu.gram on Instagram.


All of the above are robot influencers. Like I said, it’s becoming more and more common, and that’s not surprising. For long now my trendspotting has said: Credibility and reality is on its way out, the future for social media (for me, the future is always in six months) is content that is 1. Inspiring 2. Relatable 3. Clear. When you are using data to build a digital clone you have a great amount of information about what’s inspiring (what recieves most likes/people that save the post), and what’s relatable (what subjects on my blog during the past few years have recieved most comments, well, the data shows clearly: Giving birth, finding friends posts, acne, etc. The list is clear and we’re creating Gabrielle’s content based on that). It’s very easy to make material when you have 13 years of blog data behind you.

But now to the challenge! We need to create Gabrielle’s face! Here are some of the things we are looking for: A person with great knowledge of 3D character sculpting, but mostly Zbrush or Modo. The person will be able to model and texture a photo realistic 3D model based on reference photos. It’s a big plus if the person can rig the model for 3D’s max or Maya. Knowledge about shading and lighting is also a plus. If there’s an agency/person out there who feel like taking on this project, email

So much fun… 🙂

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