Monday, long breakfast, workout and glow in a jar

I worked out pretty late today, an easy start after the trip and jet lag, but I still woke up at 6 am to have a nice, calm morning. I listened to some music, drank coffee, and ate breakfast forever while I was reading the news. Good start of the week. After that I changed to workout clothes and went to the gym. The weather was amazing, cold but bright and sunny. The workout session was tough after two weeks away and long flights. I workout by myself when I travel, but it’s not the same without Pontus. Mostly I notice how my mobility decreases so I always feel like a stiff old lady the first session after time away.

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I love my big bathroom that’s like a spa with all the lovely products everywhere… I don’t know if you can see the small plastic container to the right, but that’s a sample of our day mask. It’s a facial mask that you wear during the day time, the skin will be hydrated and given a large dosage of vitamin C. On top of the nurturing ingredients, the mask is golden and is like velvet on your skin. My favorite! The day mask and our glow mist will launch in May. Until then I have to settle with samples from plastic containers, I’m on jar number three now. Perfect when I don’t want to wear makeup but still feel even and glowy!

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