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I left the office a bit earlier today, my body is still in a different timezone. It’s almost time for dinner and work from home. Everything is finally all finished at home! I’ll give you a ”house tour” soon enough, where I’ll be showing each room. One important detail in my house is all the lighting. It’s a large house with big ceilings, so it needs lots of lamps and different types of lamps. Lamps might feel like a big investment but I see lamps as something that makes the house come to life, and something you can carry with you and pass onto your children.

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This lamp from Belid is something you might recognize from my old house, it was an important detail I wanted to bring to the new house. (adlink)

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This lamp from FLOS is one of my favourites. (adlink)

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A very beautiful floor-lampfrom FLOS with a marble base. (adlink)

Ida is a really talented decorator and has helped me create the right feeling at home. She has put together a few pieces of advice regarding lighting at home. In a smaller room you need about 5 lighting-points and around seven in a larger room. You don’t need them on at the same time but they should be there if you want to light up a particular part of the room.

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FLOS has a lot of lovely lamps, I love the details on this one! (adlink)

A lamp isn’t just a way to create light, but a part of the interior design. Choose a lamp that fits with the style of the room and looks pretty when it’s not on. I want my home to feel like a hotel, so that’s the style I’ve tried to create. But it’s important that it feels like a warm and cozy home. If a lamplight can’t be dimmed you can buy an adapter for the plug socket that works like a dimmer. It’s always good to adjust the light yourself so that it fits the atmosphere.

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I love dimming down the lights and sit down in my favourite armchair by the fireplace. You can find the beautiful floor lamp from Louis Poulsen here. (adlink) Those of you who’ve followed me for a long time know that I’ve been buying my designer lamps fromn Sävedalens Lighting. By using the offer code Isabella15 you can get 15% off all lamps and decoration until the 17th of March

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