I use lots of tricks to make my days work

It’s Sunday and here’s a list:

This week’s best: There’s so much to choose from. A week a go we flew from Sydney to Melbourne and then we have Shanghai. But to summarize, the best part about this week has been spending days with my team. We work together every day and we lived together for two weeks but we still had so much fun together. The best moment during the whole trip was when we went to outdoor cinema last Tuesday. Speaking of being comfortable in each other’s company, Pingis and I haven’t had a single argument in seven years because we’re always so honest with each other. On the flight from Dubai we felt like we were done talking and asked the stewardess to place us in different seat to get some space ha ha. But we still ended up running between each other to tell each other things. Partners in crime.

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This week’s worst I try to avoid thinking negatively. It sounds like a cliche but I always try to look at things in a positive way. Instead of seeing clouds I always see the sun shining above the clouds. But with that said, life is so much bigger (and fantastic) so I try to not look at things as being problematic. I’m always learning and I have so much to be grateful for.

This week’s inspiration: I look for inspiration every day. But this week, I watched a documentary about Ruth Balder Ginsburg that gave me a lot of inspiration. I watched it on the flight. I also watched the documentary about Lady Gaga last yesterday to keep myself awake, but also for clothing inspiration. It didn’t give me as much because she was suffering through a lot of the documentary. That loneliness is something many people struggle with, whether you’re a public person or not. It’s an ongoing battle for me but right now I’m feeling good so I’m going to enjoy it.

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What I’m looking forward to next week: I’m looking forward to exercising with my PT Pontus. I’m also looking forward to walking into the office and seeing all my colleagues after being away for ages. Spending a bit of time in France (the best kind of inspiration) and have my friends over for dinner on Saturday.

Keywords for next week: Call to action! I had so many ideas and insights from the trip and now everything is turning into action. It might be my strongest quality. Another keyword is routine. I love travelling but I’m always at my best (because of my ADHD) when I have routines and I know exactly what I’m going to do every day. This week I’ll be eating the same breakfast and lunch every day. That makes me feel safe. When you’re travelling, the calendar is switched around because of re-booking things and I struggle with that. Over the years, the team and I have learnt to try and keep to schedule and I get to take one day at a time. My calendar tells me when to shower, eat etc. It’s my way to keep my energy on top during meetings and public events. Otherwise my ADHD ruins things to me and my energy runs can run out.

It’s actually a bit weird how I can manage a life that’s never still and every day is different. But I manage it because of my wonderful team who prepare every little detail. I don’t think a lot of people understand the clockwork my team has managed to create. Some people would hate to live by a calendar (dinner time is written down etc) but it’s my way to make myself feel good. I realised the challenge I faced as a 16-year-old when I hired my first assistant. Today I have a work PA and a private PA to make everything work and they’re always in sync. It’s wonderful.

You should never be ashamed of your weaknesses, but to be aware of them, find a solution and put your focus on what you’re good at. That’s when life becomes enjoyable 🙂

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