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Getting home was amazing. I wanted to enjoy everything at the same time and I didn’t know if I was going to have a shower first, go out, stay indoors and play music…I wanted to do everything at the same time. Ida and Lovisa have always done something with the house when I’ve been travelling and after two weeks away, the whole house got an updated. The kids rooms are amazing, I look forward to when they get home.

In my office at home we’ve hung up all my brands. Talk about exciting! The Hermine Hold scarves were framed so nicely. Did you know we had half a million visitors on our website on the first day? Incredible. We had orders for from 14 different countries within hours.

A pinch myself moment.

Löwengrip and Flattered! Flattered was my first ”a bit bigger”-exit (it was purchased by Spiltan last year) but I still own 20%. The goal with Nordic Tech House is to build and launch several brands that we’ll be scaling up globally. I’m keeping a few things secret for another while though…

The view is like a living painting. The snow has melted and the sea is shimmering! It’ll be lovely to see my pool outside this summer. Live is like a dream sometimes. I’m reaching all my goals.

Now I have an evening of looking at inspiration for clothes. It might have to do with one of the new brands…hugs!

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