Last flight home

…I’m almost home! 10 hours between Shanghai and Dubai went quickly. I slept all the way. When we arrived we had a large breakfast at Emirates Lounge. I also had time for a shower. The toughest part about travelling is to not always feel fresh. I prefer to shower both in the morning and in the evening (even though I live alone hehe) but that’s why lounges are good. I had time to buy some toys for Gillis and Sally. Gillis got toy ninjas and Sally got a dress in silk and hair clips. I also bought some beaufiful chopsticks and soy bowls. The kids love practicing with chopsticks so now they have their own 🙂

It’s Odd’s week on Monday again but the plan is to spend time together anyway. It’s been tough to be away from the kids for two weeks but being constantly busy has helped. Six really good meetings in China and lots of wisdom to take from it. Right now, I’m looking forward to coming home to my fantastic house. There isn’t a hotel in the world that can beat it (that was my goal). I can’t wait to have a bath and try out all the products and then open the fridge and see what’s been prepared. I’m also looking forward to lighting a fire and enjoying the view. Buying the house has been one of my best decisions, a peaceful oasis surrounded by nature. It’s exactly what I need as I travel so much. I’ll talk to you when I’m back in Sweden! Hugs!

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