International womens day and premium chocolate

In collaboration with Green & Blacks 

Today is international women’s day, an important day to acknowledge for many reasons. I love that i surround myself with lots of strong women every day. There are so many women, mothers and sisters in the world and they all deserve to be celebrated every day. We are all super women. My team in Australia is a good example of a power-group of women.  

I hope all women get an opportunity to do something they love today. Something I love doing with Gillis and Sally is trying different types of chocolate at home. I’d love to do that today if I was home with the kiss but we’ll have to do that when I’m back instead. It’s a cosy activity to try together and everyone appreciates it.   

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As a vegetarian, Gillis often asks if there are animals in the things we eat. That’s why it’s especially fun to use a brand the whole family loves, Green & Blacks, also offer vegan chocolate. Green & Blacks have a large stock of vegan dark chocolate, which I like as I try to eat vegan food and love dark chocolate. All of their chocolate is fair trade and 100% ecological. The quality is fantastic, you can tell by the taste. It’s aldo fun foe the kids to try other things than milk chocolate  

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

When I’m back after a long evening at a gala or dinner, I love throwing myself on the bed, surrounded by my favourite magazines and enjoy chocolate. This is what it can look like 🙂
Green & Blacks chocolate isn’t just delicious but their packaging is beautiful to look at. I love having them displayed on the kitchen counter and tempt my guests.  

Because it’s international women’s day, I’m going to do something I love and that’s to eat chocolate! I’m going to treat myself to some

Green & Blacks dagen till ära.

In collaboration with Green & Blacks

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