Contraceptives-app created by a woman for all women

In Collaboration with Natural Cycles

There’s a lot focus on launching brands all over the world! While we’re launching Löwengrip in Australia, there’s a lot of focus on Natural Cycles across the Atlantic. Since last summer, Natural Cycles have been focusing on the USA market. The founders moved to New York this fall and since then, they’ve settled in an office and have begun to expand.

Natural Cycles is the first and only app for contraceptives – it’s created by a woman for all women! They launched the campaign #differentkindofbirthcontrol this Monday, which put san emphasis on the fact that every woman should have the opportunity to find a contraceptive that suits her. Natural Cycles is a new option for the marker – an efficient, hormone-free, intelligent app that understands the female body. 

As a launch-offer, you can now order a 4 month subscription of Natural Cycles for 299 kronor and you get the thermometer with the purchase here is where you can find the offer. 

In Collaboration with Natural Cycles

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