Saturday off

It’s weekend now and that means time off for everyone. Pingis and David went on a roadtrip, while the girls and I wanted to stay in Sydney over the weekend. We wanted to stay here for the rest of our lives, what a fantastic city. It has everything. Sydney is like a mix of the world’s best cities all in one. It’s difficult to explain but it’s like a European LA and everyone’s so friendly everywhere. I can’t wait visit with Sally and Gillis in the future.

I had an (alcohol-free( drink at Shangri La yesterday, followed by dinner at Sushi E. The bar had an incredibly view over the Opera-house. I wore a dress from Daisy Grace.

We’ve eaten incredible food this trip! Yesterday, we had all kinds of sushi and Asian mix. The fish in Australia is the best fish I’ve ever eaten. I’ve had a lot of sashimi. I also ate a shellfish pasta yesterday which was delicious. I like ordering in different dishes so everyone can try a bit of everything.

The best gang! Felicia is mine and Pingis’ PA and you already know Emelie and Sascha from before. It’s so awesome that we get to work together all over the world. We’ve become very close friends over the past few years and it feels safe to travel together. It makes it easier to get used to new places every week because we have each other and our routines. It makes a big difference.

When I woke up this morning, I had a COMPLETELY unplanned Saturday ahead. I slept until ten and then had breakfast until half past eleven. Two pots of coffee, lots of breakfast and reading hotel magazines. After breakfast I went down to the gym to do some upper-body exercises.

Afterwards I went to Bondi for a health-hunt. I love vitamins and food-shops that offer a lot of fun and healthy things. Someone told me about Flannerys and I stayed there for two hours. I had lunch which consisted of a lot of vegetables, drank a matcha-latte and ate lots of goji-berries with dark chocolate. After lunch, I sat down in the shade and read for a while. It was so lovely. When I finished reading I bought vitamins and other health supplements.

Lunchbox with a lot of glow-food!

I love buying chocolate abroad.

I found this shop a bit further down the street, imagine the world’s greatest shop for nature-candy!

Afterwards I spent half a fortune at Mecca…everything to do with beauty and health is fun. I spent ages in there.

Today’s beauty and health-shopping 🙂

…When I got to the hotel again, there were beautiful flowers waiting for me. It made me so happy! I’m going to have a bath and have an early evening. My alarm is set for 5AM tomorrow!

I’m going to miss the hotel and the city! I’ve had a mini-suite with a lovely terrace where I’ve been watching the sunset every night.

I’ll talk to you tomorrow!

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