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As I’ve told you before, I use The Solution by Oslo Skin Lab. It’s a collagen powder you can mix into a smooth, or your breakfast yogurt. It’s completely flavorless and I always use it in the morning. If I’m on my way somewhere, I pour the powder into a glass of water. It works just as well. I was pretty skeptic when I first tried it a few months ago but I can see some obvious results now. A lot of cellulite have disappeared and my wrinkles feel smoother. There have been studies made about collagen and how it affects us, so it’s not just my gut feeling but there is scientific proof behind these results.

Collagen exists naturally in the body but as we get older, the less we produce ourselves. That’s why you add collagen in the body with The Solution which strengthens the skins. It’s a natural boost from within. It’s fun and efficient.

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I look at The Solution as a supplement to my daily routine. It includes skincare, drinking lots of water, exercising and sleeping properly. Once I’ve found a good routine for my basic needs, it’s always fun to try new things. I can highly recommend The Solution if you want to try it. I’ll be showing you some Before/After photos soon. It’s actually pretty amazing!

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I really think you should try Oslo Skin labs collagen powder and right now, my readers get 65% off the first package! Click here for Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland

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