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In partnership with Ellos

It’s summer weather here in Australia, which is amazing. During my final days in Sweden before traveling to Australia I got a sneak peak of spring in Sweden. You can tell when spring is coming in Stockholm. The energy is bubbling up in the city, the sun is shining, and the people you meet looks happier. Heavy winter coats are being exchanged for lighter jackets. I swapped my winter coat to this shorter spring coat from Ellos. I love the navy blue color and the tied wast.


Spring means new beginnings for many when it comes to work, relationships, exercise, and fashion. It’s interesting how much we are affected by the weather. I’m always filled with energy, but when the days are longer and I recieve more natural vitamin D feel even more energetic. I love to greet the spring with an updated wardrobe! As you know, I never wear pantyhose or socks, so that’s no difference, but it feels great to exchange all the knits to light summer tops, etc.

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Some pictures from a photoshoot with a lovely skirt and shirt from Ellos. I love the pockets and the button details. Ellos is only using fake leather which feels good. Classic shirts are a staple in my wardrobe.

Now when spring is closing in, we’re working with different materials and lighter garments, less layering. Many of you have asked for Sascha’s advice, so I asked her to write down her best tips for a fashionable spring wardrobe.

  • Buy a light spring coat. Both long and short versions work. I’m going to aim for a light model in a bright color.
  • Flats. There are so many different shoes in lovely spring colors that can lift any outfit. The right flat can work for a party look as well. I’ll be looking for beige, earthy and pastel tones!
  • My best advice overall is to look at brighter colors. It’s so easy to over-use black and dark colors during winter. Dare to go bright!

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You can find all my fashion-and interior favorites at Ellos here. Right now Ellos also has a great offer on chosen products. It’s mainly coats, jeans/pants, and sweaters. Perfect to update the spring wardrobe! You can find the offer at Ellos here.

In partnership with Ellos

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