I’m leaving today

Yesterday was a very cozy evening, the kids played from 5PM to 9PM. I didn’t wear any makeup and spent the evening wearing tights, a shirt, Chanel ballerinas and Hermine Hold in my hair. Can you imagine it’s only been a few days since we launched? I love the collection so much – have any of you ordered it?

Always shirts from Gant – they’re the best!

Pizza-buffet for all kids

And then lots of ice-cream! The kids played by themselves so us adults managed to have a long dinner with interesting conversations. A lot of job related talk which we all enjoy and then giving each other relationship advice. The kids and I still felt wide awake after everyone had left, so we made some tea, got apple juice and more ice cream – then we watched a movie and cuddled up until 11PM (!) It’s been a long time since I ate ice-cream with sprinkles and toffee sauce! Childishly delicious.

We slept until half past eight this morning, after we got up, I had a shower while the kids were playing and then we set the table for breakfast (we’ve had the morning to ourselves). Lovisa arrived at lunchtime and then Sally will be going yi gymnastics with grandma and Gillis and I will have some time alone together. Then we’re having lunch at home with the whole gang. Ida is coming over to help me pack the last bits. My ADHD makes it difficult for me to just pack and leave. The flight isn’t until later tonight. I’m actually a bit nervous about the trip…

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