…And I’ve just said goodbye to the kids. We’ll be away from each other for three weeks. Ugh. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye, we kissed and hugged and tried to be strong and calm. I know I’ll be breaking down during the following weeks but that’s okay. My beautiful, smart, funny and brave kids.

I’ve brought three suitcases with me..

A cozy day with a visit from Grandma.

We’ll land in Dubai in six hour and then we have to wait three hours for the next flight. After that, it’ll be 14 hours until we land in Sydney. My plan is to stay away for the first journey and read for hours which I’m looking forward to. Then, I’m going to take a sleeping pill during the second journey and try to sleep as much as possible. We are landing in Sydney on Tuesday morning. I’ll talk to you when I arrive! Big hugs everyone!

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