25 kilo over the head and Saturday plans

I was up early today for an exercise session with Pontus. It was last session before Australia. We worked with my upper body and today I can easily lift 25kilo in military press. It’s wonderful to feel so strong. In May, I’ll have been working out with Pontus twice a week for a whole year! I usually go to sessions alone so I do about 3-4 sessions per week in total. It’s the basis to have enough energy to manage my job. I used to cancel exercising if I didn’t have time for it but today, I’m prioritising exercising. Even on the weekends the kids are here. Getting away for an hour isn’t something I’m going to change. It gives me more energy and I want to be a rolemodel who shows the kids the importance of regular exercise and inspire to keeping a healthy diet.

When I got home, Lovisa and the kids had bought an ice-cream buffé for tonight. Cones, sprinkles and toppings. Linus, Sheila, Rasmus, Michaela and all the kids are coming over around 5PM. Sally and Gillis are so excited to have a pyjama party and right now, they’re setting tables and deciding who’s sitting where. I’ve ordered catering from Beirut Cafè for us grownups. I ate so much lebanese food in Qatar and got hooked on it. There’s a lot of vegetarian options. I can’t wait for a Saturday night with the whole gang. It’s always the most fun when kids and adults hang out together.

My nails are going to look pretty!

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