Cozy Friday

The kids made me an envelope each and bought Friday flowers when I got home. There were drawings for me inside the envelopes with lovely words written by Loviss. I was so touched.

I don’t know what Gillis was thinking about the food. I know my own limits as a mom and I can count the meals I’ve cooked over the past few years. Pesto pasta and french cheeses might still be the favourites. Very lovely anyway. They had a great day together at Leo’s Playland. Lovisa has become a part of our family. She felt right from Day 1. Living with a family is something special, especially as I am a public figure and there is always a lot happening. I also know I am not always an easy person to work with but she has the ability to read me before I even know what I want. Most importantly the kids absolutely love her and that’s what matters the most.

We had veggie tacos for dinner and then we had a cozy evening. The kids are so lovely together and are each other’s best friend. I’ve explained to them that I’ll be away for quite a while. We talked about Australia and all the animals there. We looked up where it was on the map too :- )

Have a good Friday!

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