A Sally day

Myself and my colleagues who are travelling to Australia went to the Chinese Visa Centre today to get everything ready for our stopover in Shanghai on our way home. We are meeting several different retailers in Shanghai, like Parksaon and Farfetch. The visit was a bit of a struggle so we left the centre without a visa. We’ll try again tomorrow! I’m part of the rare category of people who won’t worry about it, it’ll work out. We’ve managed a visa to Russia and Saudi Arabia before so we’re used to struggling with bureaucracy. I have two passports today to make things easier.

I went home for a day with Sally. Odd and Gillis have an extra day together on the first mom-day of the week. Many of you will probably be upset to hear that but that’s what the kids want so that’s what we do. I think it’s really cozy to have some Sally-time. We had a long dinner together, talked and exercised.

I have a pretty calm week ahead. Pick-up and drop-off from nursery, cozy Friday and then grandma is visiting on Sunday. The kids are looking forward to it. Sally has just fallen asleep so I’m going to finish working and then have a bath. Since I moved in here, I take baths quite often. It’s wonderful to turn off the lights, play relaxing music and go through the day and what’s ahead. I’ve promised myself to not rush througg the days or force myself through things. I need to stay grounded in myself to keep my gut instinct

The meditation makes a huge different. Another bit of advice for those of you with enough energy: get up 30-60 minutes earlier tomorrow morning and give yourself a calm start to your Tuesday, eat breakfast slowly and breathe. It helps me to decrease my stress levels later in the day. It’s especially important important to find calmness when my PMS week starts…Like now. When I have a PMS week I always think a bit more about how wonderful it is to live without a man 🙂

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