Instant Glow launch

We’ve finally launched our long awaited Instant Glow range online and with our retailers! The launch has been brilliant, and I’m not surprised. We’ve been so detailed during our work with this skincare range and the result has been above all expectations.

The range consists of a cleansing foam, a serum and a 24-hour créme. The products are full of powerful ingredients like vitamin C, exo-p and niacinamide which is a moisturiser that makes everything even and gives the skin a glow. It also protects the skin against pollution.

Even with the powerful ingredients, the range is lenient, because we’ve made sure to fins high quality base ingredients that won’t irritate the skin. I’m very compatible with the ingredients, and that says a lot because I have very sensitive skin.

We’ve also put extra focus on the experience and consistency. We want skincare to be lovely and feel like a luxury and at the same time, show results. Åhléns launched the range before we released it at and it sold out immediately. It’s available again and you can buy it here!

We’ve also gone public with our new model, Rebecca, who is the face of the campaign. It feels wonderful that someone else is the face of Löwengrip and not just myself! If you want to be seen on Löwengrip’s Instagram, upload your best glow pic and use the tag @lowengrip and #glowbalbeauty. It’ll help us spread some shine glo(w)bally! Ask all your questions on Instagram, give us feedback and share your thoughts. It’s so so important for us!

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