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In partnership with Nordisk Film

I’ve actually been longing for this day. Not because it’s Valentine’s Day, but because I’m going on a vacation to the sun this weekend. I’ve been going at 180 since Christmas five weeks ago (!). Investment meetings in London, new project with Conde Nast, work week in NYC, talk in Bergen, conference in Åre, work in Malmö, and meetings in Paris. Along with everything happening at the office and the companies at the same time. And the hearing on top of it. Phew!
My plan is to lie on the beach in the shade just watching the ocean until Sunday. Peace and quiet for the soul.


But before I leave I’d like to give you a movie tip. Interflora, who might be the company that is most associated with Valentine’s Day, is sponsor for the movie Eld & Lågor, premiering today. It’s a colorful love story based on a true story. It takes place in the 1940’s Djurgården in Stockholm. Forbidden love is the main theme. You can read more about the movie and watch the trailer here. It’s particularly interesting that the model Frida Gustavsson is debuting as an actress! I love strong women that dares to take the leap and try something new. It’s cool how Interflora, as a sponsor, can leave their mark on the movie. It really shows the power of flowers, and how they can change the mood and atmosphere. A beautiful and emotional movie, perfect for Valentine’s Day date.


But before I leave I have an appointment with my hairdresser Emelie! A big hug to you!

In partnership with Nordisk Film

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