Salmon in the bathtub

Today’s been a very good day for me. I started with a morning meeting with ICA and then I went back to the hotel to do a live stream via Löwengrip’s Instagram. We launched our Instant Glow range yesterday and we’ve never released a product with a lot of high pressure around it. Fun!

Fun with lots of questions!

One of today’s looks, Max Mara.

Then I had lunch with parts of Löwengrip Invest. We have a bit of a tradition in our company group where we give the person sitting to our right positive feedback. It’s a simple but lovely exercise. A lot of encouragement, emotions and camaraderie.

I went and bought a new toiletry bag!

We’ve basically been filming all day. I had a 30 minute break in the evening and was going to have a telephone meeting with Hannah. I drew a bath and was going to have my dinner in the bathtub (I love it) but I DROPPED my salmon in the water.

So typical

I’ll have to get up and call the cleaners. It wasn’t a very cozy bath so I had a telephone meeting after a quick shower. But staff members from Hotel Diplomat knocked on the door with new food. Just like that! I was so touched. Thank you for the fantastic service ❤️

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