New office, LCC and female networking

Dear readers, I apologize for the lack of posts. One a day is too few! I’ve had meetings back to back so I can take Thursday-Sunday off. I’ve made the decision to take vacation, but that means all the work gets cramped. There were so much fun happening at the office yesterday. Axel from Nordic Tech House showed me the new office floor plan.


Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

All the companies will be under one roof, finally. Everyone from Nordic Tech House, Löwengrip Beauty, Löwengrip Invest, Hermine Hold, and LCC when it’s time. Nordic Tech House is supposed to be a venture builder so more companies will emerge. The goal for Nordic Tech House is to build several Daniel Wellington’s with different niches. Hermine Hold is the first brand that we’re rolling out. We’re going live in one week. So much fun. We’re bringing in capital for some projects, if you’re interested you can always email:

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

This is how the enormous space will look like!

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

Another fun meeting I had yesterday was with our super agency GLHF. We’re in the phase of developing Löwengrip’s little sister LCC. A gentle budget brand focusing on making beauty playful and fun. There are no rules, apart from my love for desserts shining through. I want to develop a true teenager brand. When I was younger I went to Victoria’s Secret and got their body products, but I could never use them due to my allergies and eczema. Not to talk about how red and irritated my scalp was from all the bad and cheap products. That’s why LCC will be so good. Budget prices, but also gentle products that will give you a pleasant experience!

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

… You should hear how Hannah and I scream Ohhhhh a thousand times during our meetings. So much happiness.

The first design proposal. We’d love your feedback! What’s your first impression?


Set from Ralph Lauren

Later at night I went to an event with Consid and Nordic Tech House. We won their award “This year’s Equalizer” in the Blue Hall last year because we are an equal tech company. Yesterday we invited 50 women to Hillenberg to network. It was so much fun to spend some time with my colleagues. Katarina Roger was one of the guests. She’s CEO of Hermine Hold and left Gant for us (!). Stina Force is also a part of NTH now. Next to me was Carolin Solskär (in picture above). Caroline is Head of Innovation and NTH. My goal is to take on the role and for Nordic Tech House to be associated with her. I told her yesterday: “Take the NTH boll and run. I’ll support every decision you make. If I didn’t believe you could make this, you wouldn’t be here today”. It’s really difficult to be daring and make things your way when you have strong owners. That’s why it’s important to sometimes remind that’s how we want to build our culture.

Now I’m off to more meetings after way too little sleep. Luckily I have a great makeup artist and coffee. The potion of life…

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