Our Sunday

Here is our Sunday! The alarm is set for 4.30AM so it’ll be a short post with photos instead. It’s been a cozy Sunday with a long breakfast, exercise, gymnastics, kids party, shopping, manicure and pedicure at the hotel room and room service.

My lovely kiddos ❤️

Exercising after breakfast. I’ve had two sessions with my PT this week, one yesterday with focus on the chest, shoulders and arms. Today (fourth one this week) we did interval training and rowing. I have a rule that says if my work pace is quick then I need more exercise. Otherwise I can’t handle the stress.

I love hot smoked salmon!

Building Lego…

And gymnastics for Sally! She loves it. The kids went to a birthday party so i did some shopping and bought exercise clothes at Casall. I’m going somewhere warm on Thursday so I needed thinner clothes to exercise in.

A beautiful set from Casall

Yoga-set in a lovely brown shade.

The kids got picked up and Justina came to the hotel to give me a manicure and pedicure. I thought I was done with red but apparently not. I love red, it’s so classic.

And then we had roomservice again. The kids love it. Gillis ordered pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan. Sally ordered meatballs with creamy sauce. All of us are going to sleep now. I have a really start tomorrow and I’m going to be on a stage in Malmö at Malmö Industry & Commerce day and then I’m off to Paris from Kastrup to have dinner/meetings with LVMH.

Full speed ahead as always!

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