In Malmö

I have a soon to be four year old daughter that is exactly like me. At 5 am this morning I was taking a shower when Sally opens the bathroom door and says: “Mom, the hotel called and wants to speak to you”. The reception desk called while Emelie was waiting downstairs in the lobby so Sally picked up the phone. I was very surprised, both over the fact that she was awake, and because she answered the phone just like that. I look forward to bring her into our future beauty empire. She will love it.

Anyway, Simon and I are in Malmö right now. I’m about to go on stage and talk on Malmö’s Näringslivsdag. A car will pick me up when I’m done and drive me to Kastrup in Denmark. I’ll fly to Paris from there. A long but fun day.

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

Today’s look no 1 (will change tonight). Top Andiata. I love their short sleeved turtlenecks. The skirt is from Hugo Boss and shoes Stinaa J.

Also! Right now Kronans Apotek have a great Valentine Day’s offer for Löwengrip. Hannah and I did a live show with Kronans last week where we talked about our bestsellers that I can’t live without. They’re perfect for a quick styling when you’re going straight from work to a Valentine Day’s dinner. You can find the offer here!

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