The small black one and my home office

After the kids and I had a cozy Friday yesterday and I’d tucked them into bed i changed to a dress from one of my favourite Swedish brands – Viktoria Chan and heels and left for a dinner around 9PM. Lovisa lives here so she looked after the kids in the meanwhile. Having

I LOVE wearing beautiful clothes and feel feminine. It doesn’t need to be complicated, a simple black dress, blow dried hair, a nice perfume and red nail polish. Something that makes it more special is using a body oil that I mix with a skimmer (Emelie and I are going to create our own glow product for the body for Löwengrip. Can’t wait!) Then a lip pen with a lip colour and a lip gloss works wonders.

The kids and I slept until half past eight. Everyone woke up in my bed. So cozy. Lovisa had a well earned lie-in so we went downstairs and had a cozy breakfast together. Today I’m going to exercise, then we have the hairdresser here (Sally is getting shorter hair, she’s excited!) and then we’re all checking into a hotel this afternoon.
Barnen och jag sov till halv nio imorse.

My office at home is almost finished! It’s so lovely! Here are some photos.

I’ll take some photos with the camera when it’s done! Have a lovely Saturday everyone! ❤️

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