Hotel Diplomat, NK trip with the kids and a book suggestion

We’ve had a wonderful Saturday. I went to exercise around midday and when I got back Emelie was here to cut the kids hair. Gillis has hated cutting his hair and it’s been hard work to manage his thick hair for years (he gets it from Odd). But Emelie (my amazing hair dresser) does a fantastic job.

Sally was SO happy afterwards. Wonderful child. She told me she felt older after 🙂

We checked into the hotel around 3PM. Then we took a Saturday stroll around NK. It was nice but it was difficult to explain to the kids why people want photos with me. Sally said maybe they think i have pretty hair.

Maybe they do, I replied.

Everyone got to pick one thing each, Gillis got lego and Sally the unicorn in the photo above. I got beauty products at Tom Ford. There’s a new body oil which was bronzy. Perfect for my Qatar trip next weekend.

We had candy on the ground floor (a good selection – especially with chocolate)! A lot of people came up and said the kids were so sweet with each other. It warmed my heart. They’re very kind to each other. Gillis offered to help Sally with everything she couldn’t reach.

We bought candy for Lovisa too. She has the room next to us. Very handy.

The kids adore Hotel Diplomat. According to Gillid it’s his favourite hotel in the world. I don’t know how true that is. He’s stayed at a lot of nice places in his five years. I love Diplomat too, it’s like s second home. I asked why and he said ”because there’s marabou in the mini fridge and boats outside. And you get to have dinner in bed.”

The kids ordered American Pancakes with Nutella for dinner. It won’t be the healthiest saturday in history but one of the coziest one.

And yes…we had dinner in bed

They’ve watched a movie and I’ve been reading this The Power of the Actor. It’s a book about acting but also one of the besy management books I’ve read

All of three of us wish you a good evening ☺️

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