My alarm went off at 4:45 am this morning. I fell asleep at the same time as the kids in my bed last night so I still managed to get a decent amount of sleep. I snuck out of bed and greeted Lovisa. She took my place because I didn’t want the kids to wake up wondering where I was. Of course I told them, but still. Emelie came around 5 am, I made some coffee and put on some old songs from Beyonce while Emelie made me ready. We’re so happy that our Master Class is sold out in Sydney, that’s crazy. I have 30 000 followers in Australia and in my world that’s not big enough to establish yourself. We’re leaving in a few weeks and PR and interviews are scheduled, as well as a launch event for Löwengrip with MYER.

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

Makeup chair and ring light. When we are getting up this early (or doing touch-ups at night) we need some light enhancement. We bring a smaller one when we travel. Although Emelie is such a professional she probably could’ve done it in her sleep. I’ll never forget when we were stuck in the traffic in NYC, late to a Löwengrip event, and she asks the driver to stop, gets all the makeup equipment from the trunk, and Sascha is holding her phone to shine a light on my face. 10 minutes later I had a full makeover! She did my hair in the bathroom because we needed electricity… 🙂

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

I drove to Arlanda alone this morning at met up with Simon. We had a lovely (and big) breakfast and talked about work before boarding our flight. It’s only the two of us traveling today. It was a long time since it was just us so it feels extra fun. I have lecture in Bergen on today’s agenda. I have help picking up the kids, but I’ll be home in time for bedtime. My rule is to only be gone max one night per week. The kids on the other hand only thinks it fun to spend time with Lovisa and Ida. They usually go out to do something like bowling or eating dinner.

This trip will be the first one that we climate compensate, but definitely not the last. I also used my electrical car when I drove to the airport, I can charge it there. Baby steps.

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