France five weeks

One of my life goals is to buy a house in St Tropez. I love the French riviera so much. It’s easy to believe St Tropez is rowdy but I’ve fallen in love with the village because it’s so quiet but with a high quality of life. I travelled too much last summer so I’m looking forward to staying in the same place and invite friends over in stead. That’s why, as a goal before I buy house, I’ve rented one for five weeks. It’ll be wonderful to stay there for so long and find a routine in my daily life. After the Almedal-week I’m moving the kids, Lovisa and Ida (my home-team) to St Tropez. Odd will be joining us as well. I’ve rented a dream house where we’ll have lots of space. I can’t wait.



We managed to finish everything today. I’m so happy! Now I can carry on with work because in July, I know I have time for recovery. I’m looking forward to having long breakfasts with the kids, with fresh bread, coffee and croissants. Swim in the pool and have lunch at Club 55 and dinners with all our friends. I have a goal-image in my head that I’ll be out on the terrace in the evening heat, reading and eating pralines once the kids are asleep.

The house is a way for me to celebrate how far I’ve come. It’s important for me to reward myself. My journey has only begun


…I’m going to sleep now. I’m getting up early tomorrow. I have work in Bergen, Norway.


  1. Lina skriver:

    Du fick mej verkligen på instagraminlägget ang att du inte förstår/förstod att du FÖRSTÖR planeten som vi bor på med allt ditt flygande. Du kanske kan ljuga för dej själv, men inte för oss andra.

    Nu till anledningen för denna kommentar: varför är det ingen som gillar eller kommenterar dina blogginlägg längre?

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