American Girl, bathroom alone time and MYER!

Gillis had some alone time with Odd yesterday. He’s in a daddy-period and Sally’s in a mommy mood so Gillis spent an extra day with Odd during my mom week. This might change in the future, but right now it works. We let the kids decide. It’s very cozy to spend time with Sally. We had dinner last night (Matilda made it), and then we looked at American Girls’ website. I felt like a child again, there are so many fun things. Next time I’m going to the US I’ll buy one of those dolls for Sally. She’s turning four this spring. Yesterday she could look at clothes and choose what the doll should wear. So much fun! One day, when the kids come with me to the US, we’re going to visit a doll spa. The doll will get its hair done and you can drink tea. I love all of this, and Sally too.

This morning we had a long breakfast together without stressing. Afterwards she went with Lovisa to get ready and took a long shower. When Sally was done she came knocking and asked if she could come in (I’ve explained that when you’re in the bathroom you have alone time. They’re old enough now to wait outside or ask Lovisa for help. When I got divorced and could make own rules as a parent I decided to never have to pee with an audience again), and proudly show today’s outfit. It’s not really the best preschool outfit, but I didn’t want to ask her to change when she was so happy (I put a spare set of clothes on her shelf at the preschool).

I’m at the office now and everyone is so happy and excited about the company’s latest investment. We have received a lot of emails and I have asked our HR-representative to go through them. I will publish a proper application as well. Now I’m about to have a phone meeting with MYER in Australia. We’re finally available in all their stores:

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

…. We have reached a milestone- Löwengrip is available in Australia, can you believe it! Anything is possible!

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