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Monday! I started my day with 15 minutes of meditation in bed. A great start. After that I had breakfast before getting in the car and realizing it’s -12 degrees Celsius outside. Ugh! I drove to the gym and worked out for an hour with Pontus. From the moment I got out of bed this morning and until I stepped into the gym my phone was constantly getting work notifications so it was nice to lock it up for a while.

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

I figured I’ll skip the gym picture today and show you this instead. It’s from a collaboration with Ellos but the dress is so beautiful. It’s a long dress but has a slit so it’s very festive. Black isn’t usually my choice of color, I prefer brighter tones, but sometimes black feels perfect. If you look inside my wardrobe the majority of clothes are in different variations of beige and white. I like earthy tones too, nothing cold.


A fun thing! If you are in Sydney you have to go to Löwengrip and Vogue’s Beauty Masterclass. My makeup artist Emelie and I will be there to show have we achieve my glow and the perfect blow dry. You’ll find the tickets here 🙂

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