I’m not unsuspecting – here’s my plan!

I’ve read your comments about my environmental impact and I’ve talked with my colleagues. How should we act in our company group to make sure we’re a role model for other Swedish companies who are growing internationally? What can I do to compensate for all travels? How can we act long term and take more serious responsibility? I don’t have an answer set in stone but I’ve decided on one thing:

I’m going to hire a CSR manager for our board of directors in the company group. The CSR manager is going to be responsible for making sure we keep thinking sustainably.

I can’t stop travelling but I can hire someone who works closely with me to make sure everything is compensated. But I don’t want it to stop there. I’d like this person to work with the whole company group, look at everything Löwengrip and Hermine Hold are doing. All transport, how to decrease food waste, and how we handle my clothes. Everything, everything, everything. I want my CSR manager to sit in on all strategic meetings and make sure we remain sustainabile in everything we do. If not already sustainable than more sustainable. Becoming more conscious and aware is the most important thing. It’s a good starting point.

I want my company group to be a modern company group. The CSR manager we’ll hire is going to act as part of our board of directors and will help me with everything environmental. But in a new and innovative way. I’d rather hire someone experienced who has worked with sustainability in companies for several years, but who wants to work with a young company group who is expanding quickly and globally. I’d like us to be a Swedish and international role model.

Greta Thunberg and the rest of you behind Unsuspecting Influencers – I’m impressed by your work and I’m not unsuspecting.. I just haven’t been sure of how to proceed or act long term. I want to take responsibility. Hiring a CSR manager for our company group is my first step towards becoming more conscious and make sure we are more sustainable in everything we do. Greta, I’m reaching out my hand to you, I’d love for you to visit our company and help us.

My plan starts today: my corporate group are looking for an experienced and innovative CSR manager. I will put out an official advert soon but to get a head start I still want to write that we’re looking for someone to fill a space in öur board and participate at events. Everything from environmental impact to approving our collaborative partners, looking at my private life and help me start other events through CSR, like charity.

If you think you’re perfect for the job or if you know someone who is then send me an email at isabella@lowengripinvest.se 

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