Office day

I had a gym session with Pontus this morning. It was heavy at first and I was in no mood. But as always, it turned around halfway through and became fun. I have worked out with a personal trainer every week since May, that’s a personal record. Never have I ever held on to something for so long. I always lose my interest along the way. Right now I can’t imagine ever stop lifting weights. It suits me- nice and calm, focused, doing a few basic exercises with measurable results.

When I arrived at the office afterwards I looked forward to a quiet office day because I feel a bit unsocial today. Tomorrow it’s time for the hearing. I have noticed how it drains me and facing the man will be difficult. After the hearing tomorrow afternoon we have an event for Löwengrip, on Thursday it’s the EY gala in City Hall (we are nominated), on Friday I have an important work dinner at home with Conde Nast, and on Saturday I’ll host a dinner for my friends. In other words I need a quiet Tuesday. I’ll probably leave a little earlier today and finish up work at home. So nice.

Balance is key.

Sascha and I have gone through a lot of outfits for my upcoming travels. Qatar, Sydney, Melbourne and Shanghai in a month.

By the way, Löwengrip Beauty are having an event together with the Finnish brand Andiata. It will be at Hotel Diplomat at 4pm. I love the clothes from Andiata. They are, according to me, the Finnish equivalent to MaxMara. Pingis and I will host a panel discussion together with the founders of Andiata. It will be an intimate event where there will be press, influencers and some bubbles.

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