Hearing on Wednesday

Monday morning! I don’t know what has happened with our family, but we are so tired in the mornings nowadays. No one wants to get up. Once we went downstairs we were welcomed by a lovely breakfast and candlelights. The kids played on their iPad’s while they were slowly waking up. Perhaps it was more for me, so I could have the chance to let my mind clear.

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

After breakfast I went straight to the office. I love the mornings in my car with hot coffee and a playlist that makes me happy.

Foto: Copyright 2019. All rights reserved.

I usually change outfit at the office, so I left home in winter boots, tights and a knitted sweater. Today I have a few meetings, and later tonight I’m going to Guldbaggegalan (movie gala). By the way, I cancelled my trip to Marbella this week, and wasn’t I lucky. I just got summoned to a hearing for the stalker from Kongo on Wednesday morning. I’m a little nervous, but I also feel finally.

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